Release Draft Dominaria

Because of Kingsday the release draft will be held this saturday instead of the normal friday evening. Almost everything will be the same except the time, you will get a alterate art Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp and will start at 12:00. Draft Participation fee: €13.50 (or bring your own 3 boosters + €5 for […]

Standard PPTQ – Minneapolis

Format: Standard Participation fee: €15 Decklists: It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required. Starting time: 11:00 Store open: 10:00 Food: You can bring your own food. Drinks (Cola, Fanta, Water, Ice Tea) are also available in the store. Preregistration: You can send info to [email protected] Prize pool: 2 boosters and €3 per player go into […]

Lab’s Dutch Open Qualifier #1 | Modern

Read everything about the new program here. Starting time: 11:00 Store opens: 10:00 Format: Modern Participation fee: €15 (only cash!) Decklists: It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required. Prize pool: € 9,00 for the Prize support € 3,00 for hosting a DOQ € 2,00 cost for Judge staff € 1,00 cost for Tournament Organizer Prize split is […]

Store Championship

Move over Pro Tour! It’s time for something better; the “Store Championship” this Saturday we will know who earns the title Store Champion and ofcourse the bragging rights. Can i only win bragging rights? Nop, a playmat for the winner, Deck Box for the top 8 and a Full-art Ghalta, Primal Hunger as the participating […]

Magic Tuesday

A fun weekly Tuesday evening of Magic! Testing Modern and Standard for upcoming big tournaments like GP’s and PPTQ’s, and having fun with multiplayer/duel Commander, Cube and even decks of no specific format – the only boundary in Magic is only your imagination! Free of charge and friendly – you choose how to spend your Tuesday evening with […]

Release Draft Iconic Masters – 16/17 November

This Friday it’s finally the time for Iconic Masters! The set is filled with tons of awesome cards. That’s why we will host not 1 but 2 draft events! This Friday and Saturday. This also means that there is no standard FNM this Friday. Friday, 17 November Starting Time: 19:00 Participation fee: €32.50 Saturday, 18 […]

Magic League Day

Pay once – and play for a month. Sounds good, right? This is actually what Magic League is about! If you are checking out this event in the calendar, you probably already know what it is about. If not, then quickly FIND ALL INFORMATION AND RULES HERE! Therefore, we dedicate this timeslot to encourage all league participants […]