Release Drafts – Modern Masters 2017

Modern Masters, one of the coolest sets of the last few years, will be released on Friday, March 17! Tarmogoyf, Snapcaster, Liliana, Cavern, Path, Inquisition, Damnation, Stony Silence… The list goes further and further on – a lot of cards any player would want to open 🙂  So don’t miss your chance and come on […]

Lab’s Dutch Open Qualifier #1 | Modern

Monklies transformed into something bigger and cooler… Read everything about the new program here. Starting time: 11:00 Store opens: 10:00 Format: Modern Participation fee: €15 (only cash!) Decklists: It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required. Prize pool: With 40 player’s the total prize support is € 360,00 and will be divided as followed (all […]

Modern Monklies and DOS – plans for 2017

’t LAB Dutch Open Qualifiers Your Road to the Player’s Championship We from ’t Lab have long supported Modern and all it’s players, this was also the main reason to support Dutch Open Series from the start in 2015. After three great seasons of The Monkly Invitational we felt something was ‘missing’. Of course, people were working […]

Monkly Invitational Results and Decklists

Last year, December 18: the winners and most loyal players of our Lab Monklies throughout the season of 2016 gathered together to decide the ultimate winner and get a share of a €500 prize pool. During the first 5 rounds of Swiss they played Modern, which again proved to be a very diverse format. And […]

New format “Frontier” in January

January is going to one awesome month for Magic fans! In addition to prereleases of the new set Aether Revolt (January 14-15), Friday Night Magic tournaments and Magic Tuesdays, we will also start playing new format Frontier!  If you have not heard about it yet, it is what can be called an extended Standard, so a […]

Lab Modern Invitational – December 18

Each month of last year you played Modern Monkly’s, had fun with friends, and hopefully qualified for this Invitational… Because it is time to give back what you all earned! With around €500 in the prize pool accumulated throughout more than 12 qualifiers, you would not want to miss this tournament! So join us on […]

Modern Monkly October + NKQ

Time for another Modern Monkly! The winner qualifies for ’t Lab Invitational at the end of the year. €2 per player from each Monkly Qualifier go into the prize pool of the Invitational. In addition to other great prizes, the winner will also get NK slot and our special Monkey-style playmat! Starting time: 11:00 Store open: 10:00 Format: Modern […]

Modern PPTQ 11/09/16 – decklists

66 players showed up with the cool summer breeze blowing through their hair, and they were all ready for Modern PPTQ. After the the first couple of rounds the temperature started rising, but players kept their heads cool. Then round 7 finally ended and the TOP-8 was announced. Kasper Zijl and Daem Vorster managed to sneak into TOP-8 […]

MODERN PPTQ (Dublin) – Utrecht

When the season is on the rise and we will be only one week away from the last WMCQ, we will have our PPTQ in the most favourite format of Dutch players – Modern! Join us for some Sunday Magic and get a chance to qualify for RPTQ and win some great prizes 🙂 Format: Modern […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 21/08/2016

22 players challenged the rain last Sunday to play some Modern. All of them had the same question: who would take home the prestigious playmat and the slots? After 5 rounds of pure skill and a bit of luck 8 players were left standing. And in the end, unlike Emrakul, Brent managed to emerge victorious with Abzan CoCo, […]