Eternal Masters Draft – side event

During Standard PPTQ on June 12 after rounds 3/4 we will have side event Eternal Masters draft! When: Sunday, around 14:30 (3 rounds of swiss) Participation fee: €35 (drafting on 3 boosters) Prize pool: 1 booster per player in the prize pool (you can pick any booster of Standard-legal sets) + promo cards.

Mini Masters

Mini Masters – special everyday tournament! At any time when we are open you can drop by, purchase a booster, make a deck out of it and play a game with another player. The winner will get a special promo! To ensure that we do not run out of promo’s, each player can win no […]

Shadows over Innistrad – Packaging

  In a set full of mysteries, I have no doubt many players and Innistrad experts will be poring over these images looking for clues to the set’s contents, to Innistrad’s future, and to the mysteries the set portends. Also, they’re pretty. Let’s start with the first packaging you’re likely to hold: the Prerelease kit […]