Decklists from DOQ #5 – July

23 players, but only one of them could take home the victory. Moody weather did not let Wander’s spirit down, who in the end claimed the grand prize and cycled home with a big smile on his face 🙂  Congratulations, and we hope to see everyone next time! Metagame Breakdown 4 Grixis Deathshadow 3 Eldrazi […]

Magic League – Hour of Devastation

Pay once – and play for a month. Sounds good, right? This is actually what Magic League is about! Participation fee (for which you receive the starting kit): €12,50 Prize pool: promo cards (among which you can find special premium ones!) Definitely something you would want to get for your collection 😉 League is a quick-start, […]

Decklists from DOQ #4 – June

On this scorching hot Sunday 43 players decided that all they wanted was the special playmat and the DOS slot. During the day temperatures were rising, but eight players kept their heads cool enough to get into the TOP-8. After hours of magic the two players fought it out and in the end Myrddin Hermans […]

Prerelease HOUR OF DEVASTATION – July 8/9

Nicol Bolas, the mastermind behind the destruction of the worlds and one of the oldest creatures in the Multiverse is back! The time has come to get back together and face the ancient evil with the second set in the Amonkhet block: Hour of Devastation. And to celebrate the new set we would like to invite […]

Decklists from DOQ #2 – April

Sunday afternoon, +22 degrees outside, but true Magic fans do not concede to the weather – they are fiercely battling through Modern rounds! This is how we spent out last weekend, and it was amazing – thanks for tuning in. And congratulations to Bart van Etten for taking down yet another tournament in ’t Lab […]

Amonkhet Prerelease – 22/23 April

The spring is upon us, and what does it mean for Magic players? New set Amonkhet! Greek mythology, ancient Gods, Nicol Bolas and more… Everyone is super excited! And to celebrate the new set we would like to invite you to the prerelease events on April 22 and 23. Don’t forget to bring all your friends […]